For students – Get Windows 8 and tools to develop apps


  1. Start by getting Windows 8 installed.  Windows 8 apps require the Windows 8 API for design

and testing.  Luckily you’re a Student, so you can get Windows 8 for free through your school’s DreamSpark subscription – Check to see if your school is enrolled.  If your school doesn’t have DreamSpark (ask them to get it!), you can also:

  1. Next you need Developer Tools. And we have the best tools for the job J.  As a Student, you get access to our professional level tools for free with DreamSpark.
  1. Now for the fun part!  Build and Test your App
    Before you start developing, watch this short video. It shows you the cool features and design principles behind Windows 8 apps.

Special resources for student developers:

  1. Moment of Truth: Sell your App in the Windows Store!

As a verified student, you can publish and sell apps in the Windows Store for FREE!  Get your Registration Code.


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