“Get an App on your CV”


Printable version of the events March and April : March 2013



To get an App on your CV  (reference much better than “just” theori)
To create a Company
To promote your company
”Make life easier”
Make a difference, innovation, growth and succes

(Remember Gamifications – It’s more attractive/Fun)


In Danish I made this Overview

Are you a student?
Do you have Access to Dreamspark?

  • YES: Then get the Windows Phone apps software here:  blog 
    and for developing to Windows 8 apps – get it here
  • NO: Ask you school if they have access to dreamspark. If not have a look further Down for “None of the above”

Are you a startup?
Do you have access to www.bizspark.com?

  • YES: Cloud (Azure) account is included with a usage up to 25.000
    Windows Phone apps Software – get it here: denne blog 
    Windows 8 apps software – get it here: her
    (the Bizspark programme has the advantages as if MSDN Ultimate)

Do you have a MSDN subscription?

None of the above – get the free trial versions:

Make IT Happen:

  1. Attend the Events – https://anorgaard.wordpress.com/arrangementer/ (Most of them are free to attend)
  2. Subscribe to Danish App Lab
  3. Participate in competitions : VentureCup, ImagineCup, NordicStartupAward … etc…

2 thoughts on ““Get an App on your CV”

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