ImagineCUP Rules and requirements

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This BlogPost is for all students participating in our Danish final for  ImagineCup.  (The Local site will be updated in Danish )


DEADLINE for submission is March the 30 rd 2014 (midnight) 🙂

I want to outline the rules and requirements for participating.

You can participate with a team of 4 members (+ a mentor/advisor). You have to be students and if not danish citizen then legal student in Denmark.

ImagineCup has 3 rounds.
Round 1: The Danish Final where we’ll find a winner from each categori (World Citizenship, Games, Innovation). The Final will be held April the 29th at Vega, Cph. We’re doing a Youthspark event to boost career, possibilities etc the very same day and end the day with the BIG FINAL of IMAGINECUP – you can participate the entire day by signing up here
If you are selected to be amoung the finalist to the finale you’ll be invited directly also.

You will get notified by Friday the 11th of April if you’re amoung the finalists.
(We select 3 finalists from each categori to pitch at the Final the 29th of April in Vega, Cph)

The jurypanel is selected very careful and we’re proud to annonce that  Jonathan Løw ( and Sussi Bianco ( have accepted the challenge – update on jury members  here

To Participate you have to submit

  • the Project Proposal (max 10 Pages) (in english)
  • and the App (Publish to the stores not required) together with a short description of how to use the app.

Remember to make clear in your Project Proposal: What are your app doing, for whom, why. The potentials for your app, the business model (how will you earn money if that’s the case), marketing plan, resources needed and of course also your team + the network).
Have a look at the critiria you’re being validated from :
World CitizenShip: Here
Games: Here
Innovation: Here

If Selected to Pitch at the Final:

You’re getting an invitation to the 29th of April (Pitch begins 15.30 – but we’re offering Pitch mentoring from 12.00)

For the Pitch you have 6 minutes (at the big final you have 10 minutes). Max 20 slides. + Demo of the App.

A winner from each categori are going to Round 2.

Extra work here is to Upload a Video. You have one week to do so – which means deadline for that is April the 6th.
Round 2 is an online “semifinal” and winners from that is going to the BIG FINAL in Seattle (Round 3).


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