Startup – Competitions and events




As Always a lot is happening at the startup scene. I’ve just listed a few – the ones I’m involved in somehow 🙂

Competitions and events – possibilities for you –  2015:

SPECIAL Microsoft events for Startups: Get Started with Cloud Computing (Azure) (Free)  for all members of BizSpark

  •  At Microsoft/Hellerup –  27/4 few seats left – sign up here 🙂
  • At AAU-CPH – 29/4 (sign up at AAU)
  • At Thinkubator (Dare2Mansion) – 30/4 (sign up at Dare2mansion)
  • At CSE-LAB – 9/5 (sign up at CSE-LAB)
  • At AAU-Aalborg – 20/5 (Sign up at AAU)
  • At StartupCity – Aarhus – 13/5 (sign up at StartupCity)
  • WEBcamp At Microsoft/Hellerup – 18/5 (Link will be updated) – NOTE: requirements
  • WEBCamp At Århus – 12/5 (Link will follow) NOTE: requirements
  • Webcamp At Microsoft/Hellerup (Link will follow) NOTE: requirements

Keep yourself updated: Follow/Read/get inspired:





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