ImagineCup – information


ImagineCup – the Microsoft competition and challenges for students.

There are a lots of oppertunities both for experienced end beginners: I have highlighted deadlines and a few lines for each different challenge/competition you can enter – and you can participate in all of them.

  1. Big Idea challenge with prizes of $3000 on each challenge: (Note you can participate in the ones you want – no requirement to participate in all)
    1. Pitch challenge – Deadline 30/9
    2. Plan Challenge – Deadline 28/10
    3. Design Challenge – Deadline 25/11
  2. Hello Cloud – learn about cloud development-   NOTE: You have access to Azure (cloud) via Dreamspark for free.
    Deadline every last Tuesday in a month. Prize $1000 (per challenge)
  3. Imagine CUP Competition –  Prize $50.000 (and a lot more 🙂 )
    Rules are a) up to 4 students in one team (+ a mentor). b) One of the students has to be a legal residant of Denmark
    You can create your imagineCup account now and submit your work from 1/1-2016.
    Deadline for submission is 15/3-2016 (as we’re running the online competion here in DK).
    Choose a Category:

    1. Games
    2. Innovation
    3. Citizenship

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