Win prizes – challenges and Competitions for startups and Students

Several competitions and challenges are just around the corner. Not sure if you know why I have gathered some of them here (more to come):


More info about the challenge here

Cloud (Azure) Challenge starting tonight at 21:00 and runs for 24 hours. (for everyone)
As Student you have Access to Azure via (for free)
As Startup you have Access to Azure via (for Free)


Next Step Challenge  for startups – Win 250.000 Euro (DEADLINE TOMORROW 30/9)

This is the biggest prize in any Startup competition and  All 10-15 startups who qualify for the five-month program, receive a business development package worth approximately EUR 100,000. You might say that you win even if you don’t.


Imagine Cup (for students – age 16 and up)

Different Levels and different Competitions – Check out the blogpost specific about ImagineCup (english)

NB: BIG IDEA – which is a Pitch your idea (only – no coding) has a deadline tomorrow 30/9









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