IOTPeople, – NEXT meeting 10th of June – Register now if interested in Internet of Things.


NEXT meeting is this Friday the 10th of June at Rainmaking Loft from 14-17  – Register here (Free)  –

The IOTPeople network is a community of people with interest of IOT (Internet of Things). It’s the first community that have members from the entire ecosystem: Industry, Startups, Students/research, Vendors, Developers, BusinessAngels, Organizations and ministery.

WHY: The very diversed board of IOTPeople has a vision of acting and not just talking. The community got started and goal is that we can share experience, get knowledge and get inspired. Also and important to connect with others and create a strong IOT brand in Denmark.

HOW: We have organized the network with all possibilities of communication with each other. We also have a website (under construction) , facebook site, Linkedin Group and are using Slack (will be open for community soon). We’re orginazing 5-6 meetings per year and have a plan of a big IOT conference soon.


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