3 great challenges – competitions

For many years I’ve been a jury in various competitions and all of them have great values in a different way for different stages in the “startup-life”.

Right now there are a couple of possibilities I want to highlight:

Guldæg – deadline for submission 30/6

  • If your company is ready for international scale this is an amazing oppertunity. One week in Tel Aviv with a really great program for the winner of this competition and for all submissions it’s a great exposure of your company.
    Check out what others have archieved and why I believe you should attend (in Danish). www.guldæg.dk

Creative Business Cup – deadline for submission 14 juni!!!!!!

  • This competition is just getting better and better every yeat and with a worldwide reach it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some awareness about your company and to get hold on an amazing network.
    Read more about it – and I hope to see you the 26th of June 🙂 www.creativeBusinesscup.com


  • I’m not a jury for this challenge + accelerator program but I collaborate very much with them. It also means possibility to get into Bizspark Plus (- I’ll write a post seperate about that and link to it later) – but the main reason why I mention this challenge is that it’s open for submission right now at www.greentechchallenge.eu and the program is really amazing and effective. Greentechchallenge has opened up in several countries also which can help expanding your company in an easier way.