3 great challenges – competitions

For many years I’ve been a jury in various competitions and all of them have great values in a different way for different stages in the “startup-life”.

Right now there are a couple of possibilities I want to highlight:

Guldæg – deadline for submission 30/6

  • If your company is ready for international scale this is an amazing oppertunity. One week in Tel Aviv with a really great program for the winner of this competition and for all submissions it’s a great exposure of your company.
    Check out what others have archieved and why I believe you should attend (in Danish). www.guldæg.dk

Creative Business Cup – deadline for submission 14 juni!!!!!!

  • This competition is just getting better and better every yeat and with a worldwide reach it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some awareness about your company and to get hold on an amazing network.
    Read more about it – and I hope to see you the 26th of June 🙂 www.creativeBusinesscup.com


  • I’m not a jury for this challenge + accelerator program but I collaborate very much with them. It also means possibility to get into Bizspark Plus (- I’ll write a post seperate about that and link to it later) – but the main reason why I mention this challenge is that it’s open for submission right now at www.greentechchallenge.eu and the program is really amazing and effective. Greentechchallenge has opened up in several countries also which can help expanding your company in an easier way.

Startup news Marts

Masser af muligheder for startups men det er NU I skal signe op til  flg.:


  • NordicstartupAward (Deadline 9. april): Bliv kendt/genkendt/anerkendt : NOMINATE HERE


  • CareWare-Next konkurrencen 2017 (deadline 10 april)
    Har du en idé/startup inden for velfærdsinnovation, men synes det er svært at trænge igennem til det offentlige? Så er CareWare-Next din mulighed for at blive synliggjort. Allerede som ansøger bliver man synliggjort over for fagfolk. SIGN UP HERE


Kodning – for alle?

I denne uge er der Hour of Code – kod en time. Og rigtig mange har taget udfordringen op for at prøve at kode eller komme igang med at kode.

Har du selv tanker om at kode men ikke helt ved hvor du skal starte? Du kan komme igang simpelt og efterhånden lære mere og hvem ved – ende med at blive topgod.

Jeg har samlet lidt “guf” og mulig vej til mere kode i hænderne 🙂

Brug disse simple opgaver og kom igang



Her finder du også instruktion til hvordan du kan kode Minecraft spil.


Prøv evt Coding Pirates kodespillet i denne uge (gratis i uge 50): https://codingpirates.dk/spil-det-nye-coding-pirates-game-til-hour-of-code/



For de lidt mere øvede  – prøv vores  Codechallenge med gode præmier :  https://www.mscodechallenge.net/

Er du studerende og ønsker at få fat i værktøjer til at kode med, så kan du nemt få det helt gratis ved at logge på www.dreamspark.com

Er du startup får du alle udviklingsværktøjer igennem www.bizspark.com

Ønsker du mere træning: bør du tjekke:

Win prizes – challenges and Competitions for startups and Students

Several competitions and challenges are just around the corner. Not sure if you know why I have gathered some of them here (more to come):


More info about the challenge here

Cloud (Azure) Challenge starting tonight at 21:00 and runs for 24 hours. (for everyone)
As Student you have Access to Azure via www.Dreamspark.com (for free)
As Startup you have Access to Azure via www.bizspark.com (for Free)


Next Step Challenge  for startups – Win 250.000 Euro (DEADLINE TOMORROW 30/9)

This is the biggest prize in any Startup competition and  All 10-15 startups who qualify for the five-month program, receive a business development package worth approximately EUR 100,000. You might say that you win even if you don’t.


Imagine Cup (for students – age 16 and up)

Different Levels and different Competitions – Check out the blogpost specific about ImagineCup (english)

NB: BIG IDEA – which is a Pitch your idea (only – no coding) has a deadline tomorrow 30/9








ImagineCup – information


ImagineCup – the Microsoft competition and challenges for students.

There are a lots of oppertunities both for experienced end beginners: I have highlighted deadlines and a few lines for each different challenge/competition you can enter – and you can participate in all of them.

  1. Big Idea challenge with prizes of $3000 on each challenge: (Note you can participate in the ones you want – no requirement to participate in all)
    1. Pitch challenge – Deadline 30/9
    2. Plan Challenge – Deadline 28/10
    3. Design Challenge – Deadline 25/11
  2. Hello Cloud – learn about cloud development-   NOTE: You have access to Azure (cloud) via Dreamspark for free.
    Deadline every last Tuesday in a month. Prize $1000 (per challenge)
  3. Imagine CUP Competition –  Prize $50.000 (and a lot more 🙂 )
    Rules are a) up to 4 students in one team (+ a mentor). b) One of the students has to be a legal residant of Denmark
    You can create your imagineCup account now and submit your work from 1/1-2016.
    Deadline for submission is 15/3-2016 (as we’re running the online competion here in DK).
    Choose a Category:

    1. Games
    2. Innovation
    3. Citizenship